When it was built in 1755, Tate House was considered a large and elegant home. The house was constructed for Captain George Tate (1700-1794) and his family who had arrived in the Colonies around 1750. Tate served as the Senior Mast Agent for the British Royal Navy, overseeing the cutting and shipping of white pines from  Maine to England. This position assured Tate's success, and his status in the community is reflected by the style of architecture he selected for his home. With its clapboards still unpainted, Tate House is one of two residences in Maine with an unusual subsumed dormor in the gambrel roof. As the only pre-Revolutionary home in Greater Portland that is open to the public, the impressive period furnishings, beautiful grounds and herb gardens, and unique architecture of Tate House offer an insightful glimpse at the 18th century and life in Colonial Maine.



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The Next Big Thing, Saturdays at the Tate House,Family Fun Days

August 16th Sheep & Wool Day

Sheep and Wool products were very important to the early Maine economy. This event will provide families hand-on activities that Colonial children might have participated in.  There will be activity stations throughtout the museum porperty.  There will be spinning, weaving, felting and dyeing. There will even be a couple off wooly lambs.  Children will go home with homespun yarn, woven tape and a felted ball.  Event starts 10Am and ends at 1pm.



 Please Note the Lecture, The Colonial Kitchen, Herbs and their Uses, scheduled for Tuesday August 12 has been postponed to August 26th.




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